Who Needs a Contractors License in Utah

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You can check the validity of your license through the Ministry of Commerce`s Licensee Search and Verification System. You must select the “Entrepreneur” field in the search by occupation. At Simply Business, we insure entrepreneurs like you in the United States. We know how to get the right GL coverage from major insurers that meets Utah`s requirements and fits your budget. All in about 10 minutes. Make sure you get a quote so you`re sure you`re getting the best coverage at the best price. James McBride is a licensed general contractor in Utah. He has been working in the construction industry in the state for nearly 30 years. DOPL told KSL investigators that of the 1,309 complaints received nationwide for contractors from Jan. 1 to Oct. 7 this year, 676 cases resulted in disciplinary action and 128 were stripped of their licenses.

However, a third of those who had their driver`s license revoked (43 out of 128) had a “deferral” of revocation, meaning they were still allowed to work. Essentially, anyone who wants to do repairs, constructions, modifications, or demolitions of any type of building in Utah will need a license. The goal of solving this work problem is part of the reason why the Utah Legislature relaxed licensing requirements for general contractors during this year`s Legislature. “If it`s an ongoing problem, of course it is – with the complaints filed, then the ministry can withdraw that license,” Schultz explained. “There were shabby people in the construction industry, and so on, and there will still be inferior people in the construction industry after that.” Finally, if the payment dispute does not end favorably, the entrepreneurs may be required to assert the privilege. All levels have up to 180 days from the date they deposited the lien. And you also need to submit a good dog to the county where the disputed property is located. The qualifier is the person who demonstrates the knowledge and experience required to obtain the license.

This also includes successful license verification. “Our Utah State Legislature has played a proactive role in reducing regulatory burdens that do little to protect the public. I am proud of Utah`s combined efforts to identify changes that meet the growing needs of our workforce to support our state`s continued economic success,” Governor Herbert said in the press release. Another reason to get your contractor license in Utah is that it`s ideal for businesses. Clients want to work with contractors they can trust – and who are qualified enough to meet the state`s licensing requirements. Construction problems like Thurgood`s have already occurred when state law was stricter in terms of licensing requirements. As more and more contractors flood the market to fuel Utah`s construction boom, only time will tell how it will affect construction. To date, there are more than 23,300 active contractor licensees in our state. Once these requirements are met, potential contractors must complete and submit a contractor application and have completed the PSI UT B-100 General Building Contractor Exam as well as the UTAH Construction Business and Law Exam.

More information on these exams is available online at PSIexams.com. If you`ve ever tried to get your contractor license in Utah, you know it`s a complicated process. From pre-licensing courses to contractor auditing, there`s a lot to discover. Unlike other states, acquiring your contractor`s license in Utah is a bit more complicated, so it`s important to know exactly what steps you need to take to get the license you need. In addition to passing the PSI exam and submitting a complete contractor application package that is sent with the required fee, general contractors must also register their business with the Utah Department of Commerce`s Companies and Commercial Code Division. You must also provide proof of workers` compensation, liability insurance and applicable deposit. There are 25 different Utah contractor license classifications, depending on the area of your future work. General licenses include: A general contractor license is not just a general contractor license in Utah. There are seven categories a general contractor could fall into, including: Are you interested in getting your contractor license in Utah? Whether you`re a general contractor, artisan, or electrician, this guide will guide you every step of the way.

That`s a lot of scratches; It`s probably best to just get a license and keep the state away from your back. According to the DOPL website, “While this list is not exclusive, Utah has found that some license classifications with Arizona, California, Louisiana, Nevada, and South Carolina substantially comply with Utah`s classification requirements.” There are only a handful of approved vendors to roll out Utah`s 25-hour contractor pre-licensing program. .

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